I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at William Paterson University. My research interests are primarily in aesthetics but my work shares more than one boundary with cognitive science and ethics. I firmly believe in the connection, mutual support, and interference of everyday life and philosophical questions, a belief that informs virtually everything I write. I also think that life makes you curious and curiosity in turn propels philosophical research.

I have received my Ph.D. from CUNY, The Graduate Center, where I wrote my thesis “The Art of Telling about the Self: Memoir in Literature and Film” under the supervision of Prof. Noël Carroll. Since then, my research has taken three separate, and yet highly intertwined directions: autobiography and autobiographical practices, philosophy of motion pictures, and the investigation of aesthetic practices and experiences that cement our connection to who we are and our surroundings.

When not wearing my academic hat, you can find me running, perusing the world of fashion, traveling, and, most importantly, taking care and enjoying the company of my partner in crime: my dog, Ludovico.

We both live in New York City which has been my home for the past 10 years or so.

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